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For Bodybuilding, Gym training and Exercise for daily routine.Whether you’re running, Spinning or lifting weights, listening to the right music will help you go harder, faster and feel great
Music and Fitness
Music and Fitness
Need a little extra motivation to stick to your new-year fitness resolutions? One of the best ways to resist the sofa’s siren call is to soundtrack your workout. Researchers from Brunel University found listening to music distracts your brain from effort and  pain enough to enhance performance by up to 15 per cent. And the best music to use? Whatever floats your boat. From indie to hip-hop, opera to grime, if it gets you in the zone, that’s the one to use. Experts at Gym box fitness say dance music is by far the most motivating genre,  however, and anyone who’s danced till dawn thanks to a DJ who knows just what the crowd wants, will agree???

Dance music’s just right, says Sam Divine, DJ for global house label Defected and fitness mix expert. First, there are stripped-back intros which focus your mind on the work out to come.Then, the bass line will kick in, linking  out the music and driving you on.Then there’s a cycle of build ups and drops, which help create excitement and natural intervals and push you that bit further. NLP master practitioner Sarah Bennett (canarycoaching.com) agrees. Music is a really powerful way to create an anchor to a positive experience, she says.‘I use it all  the time to help people get in the right frame of mind for a big event such as a race, performance or job interview. We have strong emotional connections to music.'
"There’s nothing more motivating than a fast "

which we can use in our favor. That’s why during the Olympics we saw athletes such as Michael Phelps and Victoria Pend let on donning their head phones to help them focus before competing. It anchors them with positive thoughts and blocks out distraction and negativity,’ says Bennett.

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