Arm Your Self With Professional Training Tips Part2

Make your arm strong and professional looked with Professional tips from the six-time Champion Stephen kirlew
Perform 10 to 20 Reps of each move of the following move with no rest between. Do 3 Sets of the circuit, then challenge some one to a desk arm duel. 

Drag Curl
Hold a barbell, resting it on your quads. Curl the bar towards you chest, sliding the weight up you stomach hen return. This isolates your biceps, for faster growth. Repeat 15-20 sets
Drag Curl Narrow Press-up
Drag Curl | Narrow Press-up

Narrow Press-Up
adopt a press-up position with your hands together. Slowly raise your body, then lower again under control, and repeat. The slower you go, the more muscle you'll add to your arms.
Tricep Kick-Back
this inr targets you arms' biggest muscles. Hold dumbbells and lean forwards at 45 degrees. Extend the weight back until you forearms are in line with your body, then return. Perform 10-15 reps.
Tricep and Back Curl
Tricep Kick Back | Behind the Back Curl

Behind The Back Curl
Hold a Barbell behind your back, palms facing backwards. Curl the weight up until it's just above your glutes, using only your wrists and forearms. It's not all about your biceps and triceps

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