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Best from the professional body building trainers. These tips are from the worlds best body builders and body building world champions.
Professional Tips Part 3 From the Professional Trainer strength Coach Matt Fox

Professional Tips From Stephen kirlew
Professional Tips From  Polly Foster

perform each move for 20 sec with no rest and between them do 5 circuits before a right out for arms to fill sleeves and catch eyes.
Clap press-up
In a Press-up position, lower until your chest touches the floor, then explosively push up to launch yourself off the ground. Clap your hands in mid air, then land and repeat it for 15-20 time
Clap Air Push
Clap Air Push

Air Push
Grab two full 1.5 liter water bottles ans hold them at chest height. As rapidly as possible, extend one arm forwards and the other arm back in a punching motion, building Power and size.
Chair Push
Take up a press-up position with your hands close together on a chair. Keep your elbows at your sides ans lower your arms are bent at 90 Degrees. Push back up. Nearly Done.
Bicep Curl and Press
Bicep Curl and Press

Bicep Curl and Press
Hold a pair of bottles of 1.5 liter. Palms up Slowly and curly them up, then press them above your head, Reverse the move. This is best for your arms

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