Tempo Running and Boost Fitness Part-1

Boost Performance
Boost Performance 
Boost Your Performance Part 2
Running has never been more popular, and the new year always brings  a mass of new recruits to what has to be one of the best fat-burning, muscle-toning, stress-bustings ports around! Most will begin with easy jogs, premix of walking and running, and rightly so. The first step for any new runner is to stay within your comfort zone as you build up‘ time on  feet’. But if you keep at it, you’ll soon find your self able to run comfortably for 30-40 minutes at a time without stopping .So what then? Well, carrying on in the same vein will continue to improve your stamina up to a point but, if you want to take your running to the next level, there comes a time when you need to train not just further,but smarter. You could try hill work, threshold runs, recovery runs, fetlock, track reps, progression runs but for distances from 5K to the marathon, there are three important types of session to scheduling, each delivering distinct benefits.

Tempo running is on the edge of your comfort zone and helps improve your lactate threshold( LT). The LT is the point at which lactic acid in the muscles increases sharply because it can no longer be clear edasquicklyas
it’s being produced. Once you pass this point, it becomes very difficult to sustain your pace  your breathing
goes ragged, your muscles contract less efficiently and you may feel as if your legs have turned to rubber. But
training at an intensity that hovers around this point nudges your threshold up, enabling you to run faster with out these ill effects.
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Try tempo training to improve your pace in eventslasting 30 minutes or longer. Your LT is usually around 85 percent of your maximum heart rate so aim to train atsevenoreighton a scale of one to 10. If you’ve already done a 10 K race, your tempo pace is likely to be between your10K pace and five to15seconds per mile slower (use your10K pace if your finish time was an hour or more).
Run at a sustained pace for 20–45 minutes (warm up first), or break it down into chunks, separated by short recovery jogs. Don’t make the efforts less than five or six minutes, or you may run too fast and have around one minute of jogging for every five minutes of tempo running.
Do atemporun every week. Mix it up with continuous tempo runs and long intervals or, continuous hills (see below). Re assess your tempo pace every six to eight weeks
Temp Running Fitness
Temp Running Fitness
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