Interval Running and Boost Fitness Part-2

Tempo Running and Boost Fitness

Interval training means breaking a run into sections, with either recovery jogs (as in the long intervals in tempo training ) or complete rest in between. Here we re using interval training to improve maxim alaerobic capacity (VO² max). While tempo running is a way of teaching your body to get comfortable working at a higher proportion of its maximum aerobic capacity,
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interval training help sim prove the maximum capacity it self. The higher your VO² max, the faster you can run whiles till maintaining aerobic energy production. Once energy production becomes‘ anaerobic when there isn’t enough oxygen coming into the body to supply the muscles you ll have to slow down or stop. The best way to train VO² maxis to run at, or close to, the pace (or effort level ) that lets you reach your maximum (VO² max is a physiological measurement, not a pace). You won’t be chatting to your running buddies! On that one-to-10 scale, you’ll be at nine or 10. This is tough training, but you only need to work in short bouts to reap the benefits and you get long rests in between. For each minute of effort, take 30-60 seconds of recovery and limit the efforts themselves to one to five minutes in length. VO²  max training is most beneficial for those training at shorter distances, such as 5K and 10K.
One study found that four weeks of a weekly VO² max session consisting of five, three-minute efforts increased pace at VO² max by three percent. Re-assess your VO² pace every six to eight weeks.

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