Long Distance Run Boost Your Performance Part-3

Long Distance Run
Boost Long Distance Run   

The Long Distance Run
Contrary to what you might think, long runs aren’t just the domain of those gearing up for marathons all runners can benefit from a regular long run in their programme. This is because it improves cardiovascular
fitness (by making oxygen delivery to the working muscles more efficient ), enhances fat use  (sparing precious glycogen stores) and helps muscles, tend on sand other connectivet issues adapt to the forces of running. It also burns at on of calories!
Fitness is the Only best thing that you need to take care till your old age because the more you are healthy and fit the Better your old age will be lived. So keep focus on you Fitness
How long is  'long’? Its all relative. If you renew to long runs, get your starting point by adding10-15 minutes to your current longest run. You can also increase the distance by adding in some walk breaks. This enables you to extend time on feet with out over doing things. In most instances, the long run is all about distance, not pace–so don’t be tempted to go too faster you’ll risk burning out too soon. It’s smarter to slightly reduce your usual pace permile and have a strong finish. For those training for long races,
adding in the occasional more challenging run, by including some miles at the pace
you intend to race at, is also agree at idea.
Here is the Plan fir the Long Distance Run for Beginner level Runner to Advanced Level Runner
Long Distance Run
Long Distance Run

Good luck with your training!
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