Mature muscle Eat more for Better Future

Mature muscle Eat more, not less, as you get older

Most of us remember a time when we could seemingly eat any thing and every thing without gaining fat,
before moderating our diets with age. But in fact as you get older you need to eat more – specifically , up your intake of good-quality protein  to maintain a strong physique, a study in the European Journal Of Applied Physiology has found.
The study compared the lean
muscle gains of 20-year-olds  with those of middle-aged men following the same hypertrophy programme. Results suggest diet was the principal reason why the younger men put on more muscle. On average, the younger men ate twice as much protein as the older men. Once you’re in your 30s, studies have established, the optimal daily ratio of protein is 1.5-2g per kg of bodyweight, with the essential Amino acid leucine especially important for protein synthesis
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Bodybuilding is more trending Perfect body is the shape of a man to look young and healthy So choose your diet and food wisely

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