Burn Fat Safe with Kettle Bells

Kettle Bell Exercise
Using kettle bells for a 12-minute blast will improve your cardio fitness and your strength endurance, according to a new study. In the research the subjects did swings for the entire workout, which will give you a good training benefit but can be a bit dull. To get the improvements and keep your mind engaged, we’ve enlisted kettle bell expert CJ Swaby (cjskettlebells.com) to create a quick bell circuit. ‘This is an intermediate workout,’ says Swaby. ‘For an advanced version, replace the clean and press with snatches.’ The workout covers all the major movement patterns: push, pull, squat, rotation. ‘The exercise selection and workout protocol give you the benefits of ballistic movements, recruiting large muscle groups and increasing heart rate,’ says Swaby. ‘It’s an awesome total body workout. To increase the intensity and monitor your improvement, track how many reps per lift you do in the given time for each exercise. Aim to beat the amount of reps by 10-20% every second week.’
How it works
Warm up, then do the four moves in order. Do as many reps as you can for 45 seconds and then take 15 seconds’ rest. For exercises 2 and 4, do one set with one arm, then one with the other. When you’ve completed one circuit, which should take six minutes, go back to the start and complete one more round.

Note: Please performing these acts without any experiences cause damage to your body so be careful before doing any exercise for building body
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