Extreme Pro-6 and Krevolutio-X For Body Builders

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Protein Supplement
Protein Supplement

Extreme Pro-6
The ultimate Protein powder designed to give a full Amino Acid profile in a low fat, low crab blend of protein   sources. This product is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight due to its sustained 6 hour digestion period creating a feeling of satiety and also for anyone wanting to build due to the continued release of Amino Acid into the blood stream keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance ( Ana-bolic ).
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this ass kicking creatine formula consists of kre-alkalyn, an alkylated form of creatine much more resistant to the acidic conditions found in the stomach which cut out bloating, water retention ans kidney stress normally experienced when creatine is covered into creatnine in an acidic environment. Krevolution-X also contains Rhodiols Rosea, a popular homeopathic herb which is considered to enhance the immune system and endurance levels whilst reducing stress the big benefit for anyone using Krevolution-X is Rhodiola also helps with the creatine into to power muscular contractions

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