Fight Against Ageing and Look Young as long You Live

What is your strategy for fighting the effects of the ageing  If it is so simply reach for the nearest jar of miracle cream or serum, You are missing a crucial element in the battle for a long healthy life.
Just as your body ages physically, your immune system losses power as the years roll on by. scientists have dubbed this degeneration of you body's inbuilt defence system 'Immunosenescence', and it means that as you age you become more ans more vulnerable to illness in this long run, a sustained state of low immunity makes you body more susceptible to recurrent infections ans diseases such as cancer ans arthritis.
the immune system is a complex network of cells. tissues ans organs that work against bacteria  parasites and fungi. It does this by recognising "self" and "non-self" cells and matter, and eliminating them by chemical or cellular attack.
Better immune system can slow your ageing  Good health means Fitness and Freshness on you face no Worries of getting sick make your immune system to its top level and no disease can touch you. Even you ageing almost stops.
To Stay fit and healthy there are two most important this that you must follow all along your life and at the end you will find your self younger and healthier.

  1. Healthy Diet :  Take healthy diet that is full of nutrition and vitamins and other things that are necessaries for a Human health such As Use Vitamin D to boost you defence
  2. Exercise : Exercise is the key thing to stay in shape for years and good health can prove that you are still young. 

 Here are Some Exercises that are good for staying in shape and size. Just take healthy diets and and Follow Exercise Workouts you will find the best of You.

Plank Exercise Workout          Women Health                 Celebrity Workouts

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