How Do Kids’ Diets Measure Up?

Snacking, grazing, and eating on the run are the norm for many children as our culture moves away from regular mealtimes. According to a U.S.government study of about five thousand children ages two to eighteen, the vast majority of American children eat a diet that is poor and needs improvement. As kids get older, their diets worsen; whereas 35 percent of children ages two and three have a “good” overall diet, only about 5percent of teenagers do. (The study assessed how diets stacked up against ten components, cumulatively labeled the Healthy Eating Index.) Specifically:

  1. • Of kids age four and older, fewer than 30percent ate the recommended number of servings of fruits per day, and fewer than 40 percent ate the recommended number of servings of vegetables per day (the number of recommended servings is a minimum of two fruits and three vegetables).
  2. • Sixty percent or more of children ages two to eighteen consumed more fat than is recommended (the amount recommended is no more than 30 percent of total calories).
  3. • Over 60 percent of children age seven and over consumed more sodium than the recommended 2,400milligrams (mg) or less per day.
  4. • More than half of all children over age three failed to eat the recommended number of servings of any of the five major food groups (grains, dairy, meat, veggies, and fruit).

Although the Healthy Eating Index didn’t measure sugar consumption, it’s very likely that in place of all the healthy foods kids are not eating, they’re consuming excessive amounts of candy, cookies, cakes, pastries, soda pop, and other sugary snacks. It’s when these poor eating habits are coupled with inactivity watching television, playing computer games, and getting around by car all the time that the trouble really begins. Too many calories and too little exercise will cause an unhealthy increase in their body fat.
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