1st Phase For Ultimate Fat Loss Challenge

we’re willing to bet that a good few of our readers wake up Every day and, even before they take a pre workout supplement and head out for the year’s first gym session, vow that this will be the year they finally get in cover model shape. but when that remarkable six-pack hasn't taken shape by April Fool’s Day, it’s all too easy to think, ‘Ah, I don’t have enough time left this year. Maybe next year…’ Well, think again. All you need is 12 weeks and some dedication. Joe Warner followed a 12 week training program, under the guidance of Ultimate Performance founder Nick Mitchell, that resulted in him burning fat while building 10kg of muscle to transform his physique to such an extent that he was promoted from behind his desk to the cover of the September issue of the magazine. This Post also featured an account of his
experiences during the three-month challenge.

First phase
This workout is the first two-week strength training phase of the program Joe followed. ‘Despite this being a strength-oriented workout phase, it’s still done at a relatively intense pace to elicit the right hormonal and metabolic response to not only add muscle, but burn
fat too,’ explains Mitchell. ‘So sticking to the tempo and rest periods is vital to success.’
The other thing vital to cover model success is a spray than, but we’ll let you off that – unless you’re really keen.
Fat Loss Plan
Fat Loss Plan

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